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Didactic of Chemistry

Didactic Periodic Table of Elements

Didactic Periodic Table, White, DIN (1.41 : 1), 2020-07-07

Available again in english language:
The didactic Periodic Table of Elements – Basic Particles & Forces

An early version of this Periodic Table has been introduced in the publication
Chemistry for Chross Entries, Volume 1
(see next section).

Didactic Periodic Table, Black, 1920 x 1080 (1.77 : 1), 2020-07-07

Chemistry for Cross Entries

Available again: Sauermann, Barke – Chemistry for Cross Entries, Volume 1 (english version of the german „Chemie für Quereinsteiger – Band 1“).

It can be read in any encyclopaedia: „Chemistry is the science of the substances and their transformations.“ The non-initiate shudders upon hearing this, nowadays even reacts with rejection. At school chemistry is almost bottom in the rankings of the favourite subjects, it is considered being difficult and unfathomable.
What is the reason that pupils of secondary schools feel that chemistry is a subject of horror? What are the reasons for students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or civil engineering possibly failing the subject chemistry? This question has accompanied the authors during almost thirty years of teaching in industry and universities as well as pupils in secondary state schools.
This book sequence is made for everyone who, coming from the macroscopic know ledge of many substances, would like to enter the modern microscopic chemistry or who want to „cross enter“ from other subjects. A cross entry therefore is possible into any volume of this sequence, because the structure of the materials treated can be reproduced and therefore be „understood“. This concept has been primarily developed for students of technical vocations: mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, public utility engineers. It also is supposed to appeal to interested and motivated pupils and anyone who is interested in chemistry as a minor subject. We further hope, that many teachers, who want to optimise the success of teaching their subject, can take any useful stimuli from this sequence of books.

Sauermann, Barke – Chemistry for CrossEntries, Vol 1, Ed 1, 1997.pdf
PDF, 58 Pages, 335 kB, January 1997

In the first volume the periodic table will be presented as a „particle building kit“ with the corresponding common combination rules. The special particle combinations leading to metal crystals, molecule crystals and ion crystals will be found in the further volumes.
After the structures of important groups of materials have been studied in a first section, then in a second section the chemical reaction is to be interpreted as a rearrangement of structures. If the structures from the first section, which take part in the reactions, are known, then a cross entry into the world of chemical reactions is possible. (Excerpt from preface)

Periodic Tables

… by biological significance

Periodic Table of Elements – Building Blocks of the Human, DIN, white
Periodic Table of Elements – Building Blocks of Life, DIN, white

… by Density

Periodic Table of Elements by density, wide, 3:1, black
Periodic Table of Elements by density, DIN, white
Periodic Table of Elements by density, DIN, black

… by Electrical Resistivity

Periodic Table of Elements by electrical resistivity, wide, 3:1, white